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How to Apply Purple Smokey Eye Makeup

Smokey Eye Makeup Look is the choice of most women when it comes to create a charming and stunning night look. It can be done with different colors and each color gives you a unique but luring and pretty appearance. Earlier we taught you the way to create charcoal smokey look, this time we have come up with purple smokey eye. You can easily give purple smokey effect to your eyes if you know the tricks. Do it in the below given way and get the saloon quality results.

How to Apply Purple Smokey Eye Makeup

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1. Preparing the eye lids is the first step while it comes to create the smokey eye look. Sometimes it happens that make-up gets wedged between the pleats and begins to melt; the tip to prevent this disastrous situation is to keep the eyelids oil-free. For keeping the lids oil-free, apply an eye-shadow base called primer. After the application of primer, move on to the next step.

2. Then after, draw a line just along the border of your top eyelash using quality eyeliner. Purple eyeliner is the right choice since you are creating a purple smokey effect; however, if you don’t want to use, purple go for black one. Thicken the line amid using the same liner. If you love to give a shimmery look to your eye makeup; go for jewel toned eyeliner.

3. Eyeliner smudging is the third step. The purpose of this step is to make the bed of your eye darker than rest of the eye. Smudge the eyeliner thoroughly to give a brilliant look to the eyeshadow.

4. Smudge the liner well until it turns hazy and then sweep a lighter-shaded eye shadow through the middle. A glittery champagne tone will work the best for creating a nice smokey eye look. Ensure thoroughly smearing the glittery shade before climbing to the next step.

5. Now, apply purple eyeshadow in the middle of the eye and smudge again well. Make sure that towards the top lash the shade is darker, however, as you move upward it lighten up. Blend all the shades well and after meticulously blending the shades; shape your smokey eyes.

6. Using the brush that you used to create the smokey eyes, shape the eyeshadow. If you love to use the dark eyeshadow tones then ensure going for one that complements your natural skin tone.

7. Give finishing touch to the eye makeup with the application of translucent or black mascara. Don’t forget curling the lashes before applying mascara if you wish to make your eyes look mesmerizing.

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