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Damaged Hair Home Remedies

Hair is one of the most fragile parts of your body that response badly towards the harsh treatment. But today people seem ignorant about the ‘Rights’ of their tress. To win the race of fashion, people overly and unwisely expose their hair to harsh chemicals and tools that accompanied by unwise sun exposure and unhealthy food habits jeopardize the overall health of your happy; gorgeous hair. Damaged hair isn’t actually a single issue but the mother of several other issues like hair breakage; hair loss and split ends. However sincere efforts can be made to bring them back the lost charm and health through side-effect free home remedies. Here you will find some effective damaged hair home remedies; give them a shot before trying any other solution to restore hair’s health.

Home Remedies for Damaged Hair

4 Incredible Damaged Hair Home Remedies

When it comes to most reliable damaged hair home remedies the power of honey and olive oil can’t be ignored. Rub a consistent mixture if both the ingredients into your damp hair and wash off after 20 minutes to enjoy soft; smooth hair.

Damaged Hair Home Remedies and DIY Hair Treatment

Banana also offers solution to the damaged hair. You have to mix a fully riped banana with yogurt and wheat gram oil to get a creamy mixture. Apply it allover the head and leave on. Finally wash of with fresh water and a mild shampoo.

Another variation of some incredible damaged hair home remedies comes in the form of aloe vera gel. Mix the gel with some extra virgin olive oil and castor oil and work the mixture thoroughly into your hair. Wait for one hour and wash off. Use the remedy twice a week for quicker results.

You can also use coconut milk to reverse your damaged hair. Create a remedy by combining coconut milk with aloe vera gel and avocado oil and work if meticulously over the hair and scalp. Let it do its magic for a while and rinse away finally.

Home Remedies for Dry and Damaged Hair