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Dry Hair Remedies Olive Oil

Dry Hair Remedies Olive Oil; Dry hair is a pesky condition. Not only they make you look unattractive but are also difficult to handle. They are prone to frizzles and become unmanageable sooner than any other hair type. Some times it is the nature to bestow you with these hairs but most of the times it is you that make them worst. Usually the excess use of chemicals; unwise sun exposure, unhealthy food and prescribed medications strip your hair if essential moisture and natural oild leaving them dry; brittle and lifeless.

Dry Hair Remedies Olive Oil

However the good news is that you can bring those unresponsive and uncooperative locks back to life olive oil. Olive oil is innately packed with a variety of hair-friendly nutrients with a capacity to repair the damage hair and make excessively dry hair soft; smooth and full of life. In this post you will explore some proven dry hair remedies olive oil.

4 Terrific Dry Hair Remedies Olive Oil

Hot Oil Treatment

This is arguably the most effective way of using olive oil for treating dehydrated hair. Just warm up the oil a bit and apply it thoroughly into the roots of your hair. Put on a shower cap later and let the oil do its magic for a while. Wash off with fresh water to welcome lustrous locks.

Hot Oil Treatment For Dry Hair

Olive Oil-Cucumber Pack

The next of our best dry hair remedies olive oil picks involve the use of cucumber paste; an egg and three tablespoons of olive oil. Get all the ingredients mixed together to make a creamy potion and work it into your hair meticulously. Let it sit for ten minutes and then rinse off unless it is removed completely.

Olive Oil For Cucumber Dry Hair Pack

Olive Oil-Egg Mask

This highly nourishing mask makes use of Egg yolk and olive oil. Separate the yolk from Egg white and beat it well; now add some olive oil and beat again. Apply the resultant mixture into and onto your hair and wait for 10 minutes. Shampoo the hair thoroughly one the time is over.

Olive Oil and Egg Hair Mask

Olive Oil-Honey Mask

The last of some terrific dry hair remedies olive oil that will surely restore the shine of your damaged hair is olive oil and honey mask. Mix together oilve and honey and then add one egg into the mixture. Spread the pack into the hair and scalp until the hair is fully covered. Wash off after a few minutes.

Olive Oil and Honey Dry Hair Mask