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Pakistani Chicken Tikka Recipe In Urdu

Pakistani Chicken Tikka Recipe In Urdu,¬†Chicken tikka could be a dish of South Asia. it’s historically baked instruction, exploitation little items of chicken. It uses typically boned chicken and marinated with spices. Traditionally it’s toasted during a clay primarily based kitchen appliance referred to as oven. Chicken tikka has the nice depth of flavor and is admittedly definitely worth the time.

Pakistani Chicken Tikka Recipe

Pakistani Chicken Tikka Recipe In Urdu

Chicken Tikka Recipe In Urdu

1chicken around 1.2-1.5kg, skin removed (cut into 4 or 8 pieces)
2 heaped tsp tandoori masala (if your tandoori masala is spicy, then use less and add a bit of red coloring to the marinade)
1 heaped tbsp.tomato paste/puree
2 tsp.salt- if using a smaller chicken OR your tandoori powder is very salty, reduce the salt by half a tsp.
2 tsp.red chilli powder
1 tsp.turmeric powder
1 tbsp.ginger paste
1 tbsp.garlic paste1/2 cup plain yogurt
juice of 2 limes(approx. 4 tbsp)
4 tbsp.oil
red or orange food coloring


Combine all the ingredients (aside from the chicken) and blend till swish. style and change if required.
Make 2-3 deep slits on each bit of chicken, then spread the items with the marinade. The slitting ensures that the flavor from the marinade goes all the manner into the chicken, and additionally helps with fast and even change of state. Refrigerate coated ideally long for best results, however even up to 4-6 hours is ok. I typically infuse for up to a pair of days within the refrigerator for even higher results.
BBQ this on a grill over hot coals, victimization low heat to make sure the chicken is baked through. ensure you oil the grill so the chicken does not stick, and switch the items over each jiffy to induce all sides equally done. Associate in Nursing else you’ll be able to grill these in a kitchen appliance beneath a hot broiler/grill at around two hundred C for concerning 25-30 minutes per aspect or till chicken is completed. Similarly, flip them over once or double on the kitchen appliance receptacle, therefore, all sides square measure equally done. Of course, this tastes tons higher done over coals, therefore if you’ve got the choice, use the bbq grill for best results!