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Simple Beauty Tips to Become Fair on Valentine Day

Simple Beauty Tips to Become Fair on Valentine Day, You will found beauty tips on everywhere but it is very difficult to now the side effect of such beauty tips and such things that use in these tips. You are looking for fairness tips for Valentine day we have something special for you.Simple Beauty Tips to Become Fair

Simple Beauty Tips to Become Fair

You will found everywhere different beauty tips but you have applied all such things according to your skin type. Otherwise it could badly affect your skin. You should have awareness that the things you are going to use how it will affect you.

Now a day’s everyone is looking for beauty tips especially tips to get fair skin on Valentine occasion. According to your need we have very unique and effective some tips with simple and effective things. Through these beauty tips you people will able to find fair skin at Valentine.Simple Beauty Tips to Become Fair on Valentine Day

Cleansing and moisturizing; is very necessary for skin to get fairness when you start to clean and moisturize your face properly within days you feel the difference. So the Valentine is near you need to start cleansing and moisturizing to get fair skin.
Banana mask; Take half banana and mash it properly with the help of spoon. When you mashed it properly add half tea spoon cinnamon and half tea spoon lemon juice in it. Make a mixture and apply it on your face for twenty to twenty five mints. When you feel it dry remove it with the help of fresh water. Apply this mixture three times in a week. You will feel the different in second week.
Rose water and milk; Take two table spoon rose water and two table spoon milk. Mix them well and fill in the small bottle. Put this bottle in the refrigerator. Every time when you wash your face apply this liquid after dry your face. These both are natural ingredients used get fair skin color from the hundred years. Another benefit of these beauty tips are that it is very beneficial for all skin type even your skin is dry or oily it will give you fair skin.
Rose water and lemon juice; This method mostly used for oily skin. Take four table spoon rose water and one forth lemon juice. Mix them properly and fill it in a small bottle. Apply it after face wash and it would be very strongly effect your skin iff you apply it before going to bed.