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Smokey Eye Makeup Tips & Creating a Perfect Smoky Eye Look

Here is the step by step guide to create a perfect Smokey eye look; it will surely make it easy for you to apply flawless smokey eye makeup personally at home.Smokey Eye Makeup Tips

Smokey Eye Makeup Tips

Preparing the eyelid for eye makeup is the first step while creating any look. Apply the eyeshadow primer to prepare the eyelid; it will not let the eyeshadow melt down and come on the eyelid crease thus keep the eye makeup fresh for the whole day. If primer is not at hand, a light-shaded foundation or concealer can be used as an alternate to it. Finish the eyelid preparation with the application of translucent powder if you are using foundation/concealer rather than a primer.Smokey eye makeup tutorial choose your colors

Put on black pencil-eyeliner on the inner line of the top and bottom lid, cautiously edging into the lashline. Then, contour the outer of the upper eyelid with pencil or liquid liner; slightly thicken the line in the center towards the outside end of the eyelid. It will open up your eyes giving them a more exotic look. Smokey eye makeup personally at home

Blur eyeliner on the lower lashes; if you wish to have intense effect then go for darker shade. Intensiveness is the key feature of the smokey eye look that makes it more appealing and dramatic. Blur under the bottom lash with the help of a Q-tip, your fingertip or brush as if to create a fading-away of the dark from the eyes.Applying Makeup Tips Smokey Eyes

Using a medium eyeshadow brush, sweep a light-shaded crème or shimmery eyeshadow base over the lashlid and work your way up to the browbone. This lighter shade will act as the highlighter and help in better pronouncing and defining your smokey eyes. For an added effect, blend the highlighting color into the edges of your eyelids.Smokey Eye Makeup tutorial

Put on dark color underneath the crease line. Starting at the lashline blend the dark eyeshadow shade well until the eyeliner fades into it. Work your way upwards while blending until you get to the fold of your eyelid and mix it with the light base smoothly.Smokey Eyes Makeup Tips

Thorough blending is the key to flawless eye makeup. Blend all the shades well so that they don’t make your eyes look rigid or uneven. Pink Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorials

Curl your lashes with a curler and then apply two coats of mascara.